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Sales Team

Sales & Marketing

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Elena Peroulakis

Elena Peroulakis is a talented and seasoned hospitality management executive with 22+ years of experience. She is a business, community, and philanthropic leader. Her track record and business ethics strengthened relationships at all levels.

She is a proud graduate of The University of Miami (MBA) and Florida International University (B.S. Hospitality Management) and currently living in West Palm Beach with her husband Ted and their son, Alexander.

Elena has extensive experience running hotels in the South Florida area and she is the Director of Sales and Marketing at The Ben West Palm Beach.

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Riley Wilkins

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for excellence, Riley Wilkins oversees our travel industry sales, corporate accounts, branding, and partnerships.

With a love for travel, culinary delights, and the beach, Riley brings her passions into her work, curating exceptional guest experiences and bespoke marketing partnerships, exactly like nothing else.

Group Sales

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Kathleen Cal-Manani

Meet Kathleen Cal-Manani, our seasoned Associate Director of Group Sales. With an impressive 25-year career marked by success, Kathleen is passionate, creative, and highly knowledgeable, ensuring exceptional service for our clients.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kathleen finds solace at the beach, where she indulges her love for reading amidst the soothing sounds of the waves. With her expertise and dedication, your group events at The Ben are guaranteed to be seamlessly executed, promising a memorable and successful experience for all.

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Ben Grossman

Meet Ben Grossman, our esteemed Senior Group Sales Manager. Boasting over a decade of invaluable experience in hotel sales, Ben is dedicated to delivering top-notch service to his clients, ensuring an unparalleled experience. Hailing from South Florida, he not only brings a wealth of knowledge about the hotel but also possesses an in-depth understanding of the entire Palm Beach County.

A proud graduate of the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management, Ben is committed to making you feel right at home when collaborating with our hotel. Beyond the office, you’ll often find him exploring the culinary wonders of the area or enjoying a round of golf on one of the nearby courses. With his unwavering dedication to excellence, Ben guarantees seamless transactions for all your business bookings at The Ben!

Catering Sales

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Gabrielle Da Silva

Meet Gabrielle Da Silva, our dedicated Senior Catering Sales Manager. With a background as a skilled pastry chef and a culinary arts degree, Gabrielle brings creativity and expertise to every event.

Beyond her passion for catering, she cherishes outdoor adventures with her toddler, balancing her professional prowess with a heartwarming family life. Experience exceptional hospitality with Gabrielle at The Ben.

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Courtney Simoncelli

Meet Courtney Simoncelli, our dedicated Catering Sales Manager who loves all things wedding and social events! Courtney is a northerner-turned-Floridian and made the leap from Connecticut to Florida 8 years ago.

As a graduate of Florida State University, Courtney studied Commercial Entrepreneurship and Hospitality Management, and has been paving her way in the hotel industry ever since.

Her positivity and passion are embodied in the seamless execution of her weddings and events! Outside of work, she loves hosting gatherings for friends & family, going to the beach, trying new restaurants around Palm Beach County, and planning her own upcoming wedding!

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Colby Shank

Allow me to introduce Colby Shank, our Social Catering Sales Manager hailing from a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

With a remarkable career that commenced in luxury resorts, Colby has been deeply immersed in the event industry since 2007. Her true passion lies in orchestrating weddings and ensuring that your special day surpasses even your wildest dreams.

Beyond her professional life, Colby is also a dog mom who loves going to the beach and spending quality time with her family, particularly her two nieces and nephew.


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Nicole Tamanini

Nicole Tamanini, a seasoned Event Experience Manager at The Ben, boasts 15 years in the industry.

Known for orchestrating seamless events, she combines expertise with a passion for perfection.

Beyond her professional prowess, Nicole finds solace at the beach, indulging in appreciation for marine life. Her dedication to excellence and love for the sea define her both in and out of the workplace.

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Shelby Logsdon

Meet Shelby Logsdon, our Event Manager at The Ben. Armed with a degree in event management, Shelby combines her expertise with her deep-rooted love for her West Palm Beach hometown.

She’s not just an expert in orchestrating unforgettable events; she’s also a true beach aficionado, who brings a touch of coastal magic to every gathering.

Private Dining Sales & Special Events

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Katie Buckalew

Meet Katie Buckalew, our Private Dining Sales & Specials Events Manager. Her passion for creating exceptional dining experiences and her innate knack for going above and beyond leaves lasting impressions alike. The essence of The Ben is a place where individuals from all over converge to share their stories. Katie finds herself drawn to enriching these narratives, ensuring that each guest’s experience becomes a story well told. Balancing out her career and personal life, she loves to stay connected with friends and family, play volleyball and pickleball, and you will always be able to find her on the water on her days off.

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Diana Salcedo

With a passion for the hospitality industry, Diana Salcedo brings a wealth of experience to her role here at The Ben. Diana is known for her flexibility, exceptional communication skills, and strong teamwork ethic. Her attention to detail and sense of responsibility shine through in every task she undertakes. With an enthusiastic attitude towards learning and personal growth, Diana is excited for the opportunities that lie ahead in this new chapter. Outside of work, Diana is part of a hockey-loving family and takes pride in her daughter’s achievements in the sport.


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Isabelle Swank

Isabelle Swank, our Sales Coordinator, brings fresh energy and expertise to the team. A recent graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Business & Marketing, Isabelle is an invaluable team collaborator.

Outside of work, she indulges her adventurous spirit by exploring new restaurants and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Rebecca Oppy

Introducing Rebecca Oppy, our vibrant Group Rooms Coordinator. A recent graduate from Florida State, Rebecca infuses her youthful energy into ensuring seamless group stays.

A passionate explorer, she loves experiencing diverse hotels, indulging her inner foodie in culinary adventures, and diving into captivating reads during her leisure time.

Let Rebecca’s enthusiasm enhance your stay, making your group experience unforgettable.